Rest of the World Charters

From Antibes to Zanzibar and everywhere in between – Alliance Yachting extensively to seek out the most captivating and enchanting destinations for your holiday and will help you navigate the world of choices available.

Embark on a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean Sea and commence a truly inspirational yachting experience. The ‘Sea of Antilles’ as the Caribbean is known is an area of outstanding natural beauty and as a better backdrop to a yacht charter second to none.

North America
Setting sail on a luxury yacht charter in North American waters presents somewhat of a dilemma. Where to begin? The incredibly diverse coastline of North America certainly offers in excess of 200.000kms of bays, cliffs, beaches, coves, seaside towns and inlets to navigate.

Indian Ocean
A yacht charter in the Indian Ocean gives you access to a veritable treasure trove of unforgettable experiences. And as arguably one of the very best diving destinations in the world, these vacation jewels may be uncovered as much below as above the waves.

South Pacific
Tonga, Pitcairn, Easter Island, Fiji, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands- charter a yacht to the South Pacific with Fraser Yachts and let these exotic locations become your private household names synonymous with romance, escape, beauty and unforgettable ocean navigation experiences.

South East Asia
Encompassed by the mighty Indian and Pacific Oceans the waters surrounding South East Asia are ideal for a luxury yacht charter. South East Asia is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular yacht charter destinations and with good reason.


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